5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without #1

Every now and then I’ll show you the 5 beauty products I currently can’t live without


1 – Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream






I have relatively oily skin but in winter it feels dry and dull. I use this just before I put my make up on and it just refreshes my skin and feels so beautiful on. It is quite reflective (but not in a horrible glittery way) and is full of vitamins and all that good stuff to brighten and clarify.


2 – Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector



Under eye correctors are usually peach or pink based and help to neutralise dark circles. They are designed to be used under concealer. I use the shade ‘Light Bisque’ and it really does help – I know Bobbi Brown is pretty expensive but a little of this goes a long way so it lasts for a long time.


3: Bare Minerals Well Rested Concealer



Yeah under eyes are becoming a theme here! It’s designed to brighten the under eye area and it definitely does that but I actually use it to clean up the outer edge of my eyeshadow if I have got a bit loose on the old blending! It’s perfect for that or just to sweep under your whole under eye right up to temple to make you look well rested as the name suggests.


4: Mac Cosmetics Tan Pigment






I am a late developer when it comes to pigments. I never used to be into anything too sparkly but now I’m really embracing the sparkle. Pigments are amazing. They are a really concentrated loose powder, are super intense and last for ages on the eye. I have quite a few but I don’t think I could live without the Mac Tan one. It’s a beautiful pinky/brown/rose gold kind of colour and goes with everything. Again, these are a bit pricey but seriously you need the smallest amount ever and I have hardly made a dent on my jar. I always use them with Mac Fix + as I just find it way easier to apply them wet.


5: Mac Cosmetics 217 Blending Brush






This is a very well known brush and for good reason. If I had to have one brush to do my whole eye make up it would probably have to be this one. It’s amazing and everyone should have one. I’ve had mine for 5 or 6 years and it’s a bit worn down but still does the trick.


Emilie x