Abby and I LOVE food. We often cook together and love trying out new places. A couple of weekends ago we went to Crepes A Go-Go in Ponsonby Central as we are both gluten free and had heard they did buckwheat crepes.




It’s nestled in the produce section next to the eighthirty coffee place. We got there at 10am on a Sunday which was perfect as there was plenty of space to sit down and there was no wait. I went back this weekend slightly later (this is actually going to be an every Sunday occurrence) ¬†and it was slammed but was still definitely worth the wait!


There is a huge range of different toppings and fillings to choose from both sweet and savoury. We just couldn’t go past the banana and nutella and holy s*** it was good. Second time round I tried the ‘Paris For Ever’ which is a classic ham and cheese and was delicious. I topped it off with a ¬†sweet one. Yes I got looks when two massive crepes were put down in front of me but


Go check it out!!







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