Interview Time #3



Pink Hair


What do you do?

By day, I am the Audio Post Manager at Franklin Rd recording studios in Auckland. By night, I am a writer, photographer and graphic designer for my own company, Paper Moon… you can find me at (enter some shameless self-promotion).

How do you know us?

Abby is an old friend of my partner and upon meeting, we became fast friends. Then natural progression saw Emilie become a fast friend too! Two of the most creative, awesome peeps I know. I’ve been privileged to grow my photography skills through shooting for Maaike over the past 2 and a bit years, and I owe a lot of my development to their faith in me.

What are you working on right now?

Daily life sees me managing the audio post operation side at Franklin Rd and it keeps me super busy. In my spare time at nights and in the weekends, I work as a photographer, writer and graphic designer, for any number of different jobs that come my way! I’ve also recently set up a page on my website reserved solely for what I call ‘The Weekend Projects’. The aim is to shoot themed, mini portfolios in the weekends, if for no reason other than to keep the creative juices flowing… it’s kind of a photography blog I suppose.

How would you describe your personal style and who are your fave designers? 

I have a rather mixed bag when it comes to personal style. It’s hugely emotionally based; how I’m feeling and who I feel like on any given day, dictates what kind of style I step out in. Sometimes preppy, sometimes punky, sometimes tomboy, sometimes feminine. I love black and wear a lot of it, but I also love pops of colour and sparkle, through studs, embellishments and a bright lip. I always try to leave the house with a strong sense of who I am that day. In terms of designers, Maaike has a significant presence in my wardrobe, as does Sass & Bide, and I have lots of cheap basics from all over because I like to build around a statement piece. I love Alexander Wang – his aesthetic is incredible; edgy and cool but totally wearable every day. One day I will be able to afford…!

If you could learn a random skill what would it be?

Ahhh it’s not that random but I really want to be able to play the piano. I learnt the recorder (to my mother’s absolute agony), the violin, the guitar and voice from an early age, but the piano is what music and composition comes back to. It’s such a transient instrument that can be played convincingly across almost any genre and is so hauntingly beautiful. I also wish I could speak fluently in any foreign language. Like, how good would it be if you could just plug in a USB and download that ability? Amazing.

Most important appliance in your house?

The fridge! Imagine if we didn’t have fridges. A close second would have to be the dehumidifier. Life in Auckland would be a lot damper without it. It’s literally on 24/7.

Fave place to eat?

Auckland for NZ is like a gastronomer’s heaven. Coco’s Cantina on K Road is a firm favourite, and just down from it, the new Peach Pit is pretty amazing. The Blue Breeze Inn in Ponsonby has sensational dumplings and pork buns, and Velvet Burger on Fort St has the best burgers.

Most highly played song on your iPod?

Loving the Arctic Monkey’s, ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’; Kings of Leon, ‘Rock City’, and I’ve been revisiting Amy Winehouse’s ‘Frank’ album recently. Love her. I have a lot of things on repeat at the minute.

Most prized Maaike piece right now?

It’s a toss up between the Shock Jacket and the Psych Pants – both look amazing, and are so versatile and comfy. Love them both infinitely.




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