Interview Time #4



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What do you do?

I am the designer behind jewellery label Holly Howe Collections.


How do you know us?

I stock my jewellery in Maaike & Co


What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on stock to send away to New York City to be part of a Culinary Arts meets Fashion Jewellery and Clutch exhibition that is run by Draftspace in colab with a Michelin Star chef.


How would you describe your personal style and who are your fave designers?

I am all about layers of black. Obviously Maaike is up there along with Kowtow, Nyne, Lela Jacobs and Nom D.


If you could learn a random skill what would it be?

It’d be pretty sweet to be able to whistle. I just end up spitting everywhere, really not a good look.


Most important appliance in your house?

Our coffee machine, weekends and hangovers wouldn’t be the same without it.


Fave place to eat?

Plato, so good.


Most highly played song on your iPod? At the moment

My Brightest Diamonds Lover Killer, her new album “this is my hand” is great.


Most prized Maaike piece right now?

My “when icicles hang from the wall tee” and Hexagon Dress. Amazing.



Check out Holly’s jewellery at Maaike + co here