Ground Floor, 12 Wyndham Street, Auckland City

Open 7am – 3pm Workdays and 8am – 3pm Saturdays.


There is a new healthy fast food offering in this fine city of ours and even if we weren’t lucky enough to know the owners we would still be giving this place a huge shout out!



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Misters is owned and run by Alex Brayne and Fraser Jamieson, the latter being the partner of our graphic design/web/print extraordinaire Jess from Scizzorface.

They have done an amazing job with the space, stripping it all back to reveal beautiful exposed brick walls and polished wooden floors. The furniture has all been custom designed and made and they have created a stunning living wall.


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Now the food. Wow. Abby and I are both gluten free (we have to be it’s not a choice or fad we are embracing) so eating out is always a bit of a challenge. Not here though as EVERYTHING is gluten and dairy free. HEAVEN.

The menu is stunning and each dish so well thought out. The food screams freshness and is complimented by their freshly made smoothies, juices and own blend of coffee.

If we have to name a fave dish? That is a tough one but I think we would go for the Ranchero Beans or Griddle Cakes for breakfast and the Pulled Pork Tacos for lunch. Oh and always, ALWAYS the Mochiko chicken. Just try it.


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Check out the full menu here and get ready to drool


Photo credits:

Photos 1 and 3 Misters

Photos 2 and 4 Motion Sickness Studios