The Midnight Baker



We wanted to introduce you to Yeshe Dawa aka The Midnight Baker because not only is she a good friend, she bakes the most delicious bread and we think you will love it!


What do you do?

I run a small business called the Midnight Baker. I bake a wheat, dairy, egg, refined sugar and yeast free loaf of bread called the Freedom Loaf. I’m also addicted to nut butters and so make those too; peanut butter and almond butter mostly.

How do you know us?

I assisted Maaike on their first New Zealand fashion week show back in 2010 (whilst interning for Ciel PR). I painted shoes, untangled necklaces and memorably carefully wrapped and then furiously unwrapped and cut ribbon on and off models shoes for their runway show.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on variations of the Freedom Loaf (slightly sweet and subtly herbed versions for winter), testing out a new Chocolate Hazelnut spread and fine tuning a nut heavy fruit free granola. I’m also freelancing and manage digital communications for brands.




How would you describe your sense of style and who are your favourite designers?

Black, draped, elasticated waists, casual, local, dresses and skirts (never pants). Jimmy D, Maaike and Zambesi for the dark structural pieces. Meadowlark for jewellery. Juliette Hogan for the feminine pieces. Mavis & Osborne for their linen.

Fave place in Auckland to eat?

Little Bird, the Summer Street cafe. Everything is delicious and Yeshe friendly. I also enjoy Wise Cicada’s bircher and lunch salads. If I wasn’t gluten free, Barilla Dumplings is also a guilty pleasure, I’ve managed to find alternatives for most things and don’t miss much, but dumplings are definitely the things I pine for.

Fave place in NZ to eat?

The Sherwood in Queenstown. Ainsley, the head chef is so talented. if I could afford a personal chef I would pay her whatever she wanted. Each dish is so carefully considered and delicately flavoursome. True story – I went there for dessert one evening, lunch the next day and dinner that night. I almost went back for breakfast but wussed out.

Also Amisfield bistro just outside of Queenstown. I highly recommend the ‘Trust the Chef’ dining experience. You’re treated to five or six dishes made with the seasonal ingredients they have on hand that day. They had two hours notice that I was dairy and gluten free and had no qualms in catering for me.

What are the best ways for people to order the Freedom Loaf?

You can order the Freedom Loaf and nut butters by emailing me

You can also follow the Midnight Baker on Facebook or Instagram and for more info head over to the website

Yeshe has kindly offered a Freedom Loaf to give away so simply comment below and we will draw a lucky winner on Monday 11th!