The Sherwood



Recently we were in the South Island for our Summer 15/16 selling trip. Of course the trip is all about the new collection but to be honest…….. it’s also always a culinary adventure. I spent all my appointments asking people where to eat and The Sherwood in Queenstown kept popping up so we had to visit and boy are we glad we did.

The Sherwood isn’t just an amazing restaurant it is also a hotel, yoga retreat and all round wellness destination. The restaurant itself is huge and very lush – furs on the seats, hanging plants and a roaring open fire. The ever changing menu is seasonal with ingredients picked straight from the kitchen garden and orchard or sourced locally from independent growers and local farms.




The menu itself is extremely unique. Our very helpful waiter explained (in his delightful French accent) that the food is for sharing only. You pick a protein and then your sides to go with it and everything will be presented in the middle of the table to share. The sections to choose from are Earth (smaller starters), Fire (meat), Water (fish), Leaf (salads), Grain (anything from quinoa to risottos) and finally Curds and Whey (desserts). Most things are in two different price brackets depending on how many people you are with.

We opted for a beautiful roast lamb, roasted pumpkin with dukkah, risotto and a leafy salad. For dessert we had an Avocado, raw cacao and hazelnut tart and a semifreddo with plums and a chocolate and cinnamon sauce. All combined with some Central Otago Pinot Noir we were in heaven. Such a different and memorable dining experience and we can’t wait to visit again.

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